updated at 09:35am on 04/02/2019

by Ian Scott gave Dean Cross Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Excellent and cheerful everywhere despite all the current pr

Quite worried this morning for a number of reasons (4) but extremely pleased that 1. 0832 Fri call worked first time with little delay despite all the automated guff. 2. Did get 11.00 am Dr appointment ideal, not my own, but doesn’t matter. 3. Repeat prescription queries and issues all sorted . AND 4. Satisfactory answers on two electronic systems queries. I was expecting trouble on all counts so really pleased. Their whole system has been most caring, competent, and I found of a very high standard in most previous dealings, including unexpected inbound phone calls. Prescription turnaround time is quite lengthy, hope new electronic system going to make things better.

Visited in January 2019, Posted on 18 January 2019

by Anonymous gave Dean Cross Surgery a rating of 5 stars


My husband has had illnesses over the last 4 years and his doctor has been absolutely on the ball with investigations and tests.All of these were with speed and effiency.Resulting in hospital treatment which was imperative for him. I would like to thank the doctor and the surgery for their competence.

Visited in August 2018, Posted on 15 August 2018